The Riedlin family has tended the vineyards in the town of Laufen in the southern part of Baden, Germany, since 1656. In 2009 Markus Kuntz-Riedlin had the opportunity to take over the vineyards of his parents and, thus, to continue the centuries-old family tradition, bringing in, as matter of course, his own ambition and expertise of wine making.

The 2010 vintage saw a RIEDLIN wine put into bottles for the first time in generations — a Spätburgunder (Pinot noir) matured in French barrique barrels for 15 months.

Also, since the 2011 vintage a RIEDLIN ROT and RIEDLIN ROSÉ is available. In addition, the inherited distillery right bound to the Riedlin Estate in Laufen was used to make a premier spirit labelled RIEDLIN BRILLANT from the wine yeast.

The label design on the bottle is from a painting by Adolf Riedlin (1892-1969), the famous painter of the Riedlin dynasty.